Welcome to The Ivy Trellis!

Welcome to Ivy Global’s new and improved blog! Here we’ll be sharing some helpful tips and information about the SAT, ACT, and SSAT/ISEE. We’ll also be posting news from the college admissions and test prep landscape, application and essay tips, Ivy Global notices, and excerpts from our materials. You’ll definitely want to check this space often if you are a student on the path to high school and college.

We just released Ivy Global’s ACT Guide this month! This book has the content, strategies, and practice you need to ensure you perform your best on test day. It includes:


  • Full-length Tests: our guide includes three full-length tests so you can practice under realistic conditions.
  • Extensive practice: over 500 additional ACT-style practice problems divided by content type will help you focus on the areas you need.
  • Clear Strategies: the 5 Ps are simple, effective strategies you can use throughout the test to maximize your score.
  • Real Educational Content: unlike some other books, we include content for the English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing Tests that uses ACT-style problems to teach you what you need to know for the exam.
  • Up-to-date test information: new information reflects recent changes to the Science and Reading sections not found in other books.
  • Access to additional resources online: our online resources include detailed explanations, extra practice, reading lists, and more!

Why should you choose Ivy Global?

  • Rigor-tested Questions: unlike other test products, we perform actual testing with high school students to help calibrate our tests’ difficulty.
  • High-quality Passages: reading passages are adapted from articles and stories in fine literary magazines and popular science and humanities publications.
  • Most like ACT: our tests closely adhere to the ACT test specifications and practice tests so your practice is as impactful as possible.
  • Real-time Scoring: the book includes access to our online scoring system, which will enable you to create a detailed report breaking down your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Answer Explanations: we provide in-depth, downloadable answer explanations for every question on the three Practice Tests.

See for yourself! Take a look at this:math example 1

math example 2

How was that? Pretty helpful and informative, right? There is more where that came from! Check back here every week to read more about the standardized tests you are taking. Next week, we’ll have tips for your college admissions essays!

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