Testimonial 1


As someone who has worked with students preparing for the college entrance exams for eighteen years, I welcomed receiving the free first edition of the Ivy Global New SAT Guide and am grateful that the company discovered me in South Texas. I soon discovered that this guide, though lengthy and heavy, had much coherent and well articulated information that more fully helped me grasp the significant changes that were going to be presented in the new PSAT and SAT.

After working with the new edition of the Official SAT Study Guide published by the College Board and reviewing the second edition, leaner, lighter, and even clearer, of the Ivy Global New SAT Guide, I have made the decision to utilize it in all of my courses and tutoring activities. My primary motivation in working with students moving to the next phase of their education is to enhance and solidify their reading, writing, and mathematical skills which I know are so crucial to a rewarding future. The Ivy Global material helps implement and support my aspirations for students.

In researching the Ivy Global company and its activities in New York and the East Coast and Toronto, I have had many informative and satisfying conversations with staff members who have been consistently helpful and courteous. I value a relationship with this kind of company.

-Lynn Hamby, Hamby Associates


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