Yale offers popular new course on leading a more fulfilling life

Psychology and the Good Life, Yale’s new course on leading a more fulfilling life, drew 1,200 of Yale’s undergraduate students (about a quarter of the entire undergraduate population at the university).

In a recent New York Times article, Dr. Laurie Santos, who will be teaching the course, speculated that the overwhelming numbers are linked to student habits in high school. Students seeking entrance to prestigious universities, such as Yale, deprioritize their happiness, often adopting harmful habits in the process.

Getting into your dream school may come with exhaustion and anxiousness. It is important to start building healthier habits in high school. Otherwise—your mental health may be at risk.

Start small. What is something that you can do over the next couple of days to prioritize your well-being?

For more information on Yale’s Psychology and the Good Life, read the New York Times article here.

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