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The difference between college and university in the US: report

Do you pass over schools with “College” in their name in favor of ones termed “University”? If so, you’re not alone! In a recent US News article, reporter Kelly Mae Ross wrote about the difference between college and university and how to determine which type of school is the best fit for you.

The word “college” differs in meaning across languages, which can create confusion among international students applying to study in the US. For example, collège in French means “middle school,” while colegio in Spanish means “high school.”

International students are not the only ones who hold misconceptions about college and university. Domestic students may stay away from colleges because they assume that universities offer larger student populations, more research opportunities, and broader choice in fields of study.

What many students don’t realize is that while colleges are typically smaller than universities, they often offer students research opportunities and a variety of study fields to choose from. Many liberal arts colleges even offer degrees in science!

So which type of school is right for you? Carly Mankus, senior assistant dean of international admission at Franklin and Marshall college, offers her advice: When applying for schools, keep your options open! Many students learn more about themselves through the application process, and if a school interests you, it can’t hurt to keep it in the mix.

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