Admission notification dates for class of 2022

Now that the college application season has ended, you can finally take a deep breath. The most difficult part is over! All that’s left to do is await your admission results.

Whether you applied to an Ivy League school, a liberal arts college, or one of Canada’s prestigious institutions, we have you covered with a list of schools and their regular decision notification dates.

Check out the table below to know when to expect your admission decision:

School Name (US) Regular Decision Notification Date
Amherst College on or around April 1, 2018
Boston University March 17, 2018
Boston College March 22, 2018
Brown University March 28, 2018
Caltech RELEASED March 10, 2018
Carnegie Mellon University by April 15, 2018
Claremont McKenna by April 1, 2018
Colgate University RELEASED March 17, 2018 
Columbia University late March
Cornell University early April
Dartmouth College March 28, 2018
Duke University April 1, 2018
Emory by April 1
Georgetown University April 1
Harvard University March 28, 2018
Johns Hopkins University RELEASED March 16, 2018
Middlebury March 24, 2018 after 8:00 AM EST
MIT RELEASED March 14, 2018
Northeastern University RELEASED March 14th, 2018
Northwestern University late March
NYU and Stern Business April 1, 2018
Princeton University March 28, 2018 7:00 PM EST
Stanford University  April 1, 2018
Swarthmore  RELEASED March 16, 2018
Tufts University  April 1
UC Berkeley March 29, 2018
UCLA RELEASED March 16, 2018
University of Chicago RELEASED March 16, 2018
University of Cincinnati Fridays at 5:00 PM EST (rolling)
University of Miami  early April
University of Michigan early April
University of Pennsylvania March 28, 2018
University of Southern Califorinia by April 1
Wellesley late March
Wesleyan April 1, 2018
Williams RELEASED March 15, 2018
Yale University March 28, 2018


School Name (Canada)               Regular Decision Notification Date
McGill early February–end of May
Queens by May 18
University of Toronto late February–late May
Waterloo mid-May

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