BC accepts 27 per cent of applicants for Class of 2022: report


In an article published today in The Heights, Boston College’s independent student newspaper, news editor Cole Dady reports on Boston’s College’s admission rates for the Class of 2022.

Dady interviewed Director of Undergraduate Admission John Mahoney, who shared the following admission statistics:

Image credit: The Heights

The Ivy Leagues are not the only institutions that have grown more competitive this admission season. Boston College’s applicant pool has increased, while the number of admitted students has decreased. The number of applications for the Class of 2022 rose by 9 per cent. But the acceptance rate dropped from 32 per cent for the class of 2021 to 27 per cent in this year’s admission season; the college extended offers of admission to only 8, 400 (out of 31,000) applicants.

Accepted domestic applicants hail from all 50 states, and 10 per cent of those admitted are international students. Over 30 per cent of applicants admitted are AHANA.

For a complete breakdown of Boston College’s admission stats for the Class of 2022, read the original article.

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