More students looking into ‘college alternatives’ providing debt-free education

Is the soaring cost of a college education encouraging students to take “college alternatives for the digital age?”

According to a recently published Wall Street Journal article, that seems to be the case. One school, MissionU, reports it’s received more than 10,000 applications for just 50 spots.

The huge appeal is the debt-free education students receive, learning skills that lead to emerging careers (like in data science), and gaining experience through apprenticeships with high-tech companies.

The goal is to finish the one-year program with the relevant skills and experience necessary to successfully get a well-paying high-tech job. Students would then pay out a percentage of their income for three years upon graduation.

The drawback, however, is the lack of accredited degree and missing out on a liberal arts education that many employers still value.

To read more on the growing attractiveness of college alternatives, read the full article here (Wall Street Journal subscription required).

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