Free Artificial Intelligence Course at MIT

In a recent blog post, we suggested taking a free online course this summer. Today, we bring you a specific course recommendation:

MIT’s Brains, Minds, and Machines, taught by Professor Tomaso Poggio of MIT and Professor Gabriel Kreiman of Harvard.

Consider this course your introduction to artificial intelligence.

Brains, Minds, and Machines explores “the problem of intelligence”: both how intelligence is  “produced” in the brain and how it can be re-produced in machines using an integrated approach drawing from cognitive science, neuroscience, and computer science.

The online course is built from nine units, each complemented by three to seven video lectures. The course also offers six tutorial topics with video instruction, supplementary material, and exercises for further study.

Finally, students have the option to complete an open-ended project individually or in a small group.

Check out the course page here.

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