College tuition could nearly double by 2036: report

Tuition to attend a private university like Harvard, MIT, and Stanford could almost double in 18 years, according to Wealthfront, an automated investment platform that offers college savings options.

In the CNBC article, reporter Annie Nova cited the company came up with its projections using Department of Education data on the current cost of schools (which includes tuition, room and board, supplies and other expenses over the four years at the university) along with expected annual inflation.

The estimated increase in cost over the next 18 years included the following schools:

  • Harvard – $266,000 (2018) to $474,500 (2036)
  • MIT – $261,000 (2018) to $466,000 (2036)
  • Stanford – $266,000 (2018) to $475,000 (2036)

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