He earned $400,000 in scholarships and entrance to Harvard, and those are the less impressive things

Dahlia Bazzaz of the Seattle Times recently interviewed Abel Behran, a high school student who earned $400,000 in scholarships and an offer of admission from Harvard.

But what makes the 18-year-old Behran impressive, is not his admission letter or mountain of scholarship money, but rather his outlook on both life and the admissions process.

To learn about the little things Behran does to stay sane during his whirlwind of commitments and responsibilities, such as keeping his phone away while studying; the big things, like pursuing the things he is actually passionate about and not what looks good on a college application; and about the difficulties he has faced throughout the admissions process, such as a lack of access to standardized test prep and guidance, check out Bazzaz’s interview with Behran.

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