Stand out college application essays on work, money, and class

Earlier this year, The New York Times (NYT) put a call-out to current high school students completing their college applications, urging them to submit their college essays.

Over the next few weeks, NYT is featuring some of the standout essays on the themes of work, money, and social class.

Read about a young man closing the gap between two pairs of metaphorical worlds; a cow, life lessons, and feminism; a 16-year-old who does people’s taxes for fun; a matriarchal family weaving through patriarchal waters, and the magic of handmade quilts, here.

And read the story of self-discovery via two professors’ personal library and a vacuum, the tale of a young woman who fell in love with public service by falling out of love with her family’s bed-and-breakfast, a laptop’s shield-like function as a status symbol, and the telephone poles separating the “suburban land of plenty” and the “rural land of scarcity,” here.

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