Tiny Robots, and The Future of Drug Delivery: report

In the recently published article titled “Tiny Robots, and the Future of Drug Delivery,” author Tyler Irving explores machines on the micro-scale.

Irving interviewed University of Toronto professor Eric Diller, who’s research team is building robots a thousandth of a millimeter in size.

The team’s goal?

Use these tiny robots to deliver drugs within the human body.

Diller’s most recent project focused on building robots that can effectively move through the human bloodstream.

The first medical application of this new technology, Diller states, will be to assist in invasive surgeries.

But the possibilities are great. Diller’s research is of particular relevance to chemotherapy treatment.

Delivering the drug precisely to target would destroy the cancerous cells without harming the healthy ones (and certainly diminish the side-effects associated with the killing of healthy cells in chemotherapy, such as pain, fatigue, nausea, and hair loss).

For more on the “micro-swimmer” Diller and his team are building, check out the original article.  

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