Meet MEDi, the Robot That Cheers Up Kids

MEDi is two feet tall.  MEDi talks, sings, dances, and does tai-chi. Oh, and MEDi is a robot.

In a recent article featured in the U of T Magazine, author Scott Anderson explores MEDi’s role in a recent research project at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

Although MEDi may resemble a toy, Anderson writes, the little robot “harnesses advanced technology to serve a serious purpose.”

MEDi’s purpose?

To “reduce the feelings of fear and anxiety in child cancer patients,” Anderson writes. In other words, MEDi cheers up kids.

According to psychologist Kathryn Birnie, who was a member of the research team on the project, MEDi helped kids feel less anxious, which also made life easier for both the nurses and parents of the hospitalized children.

Watch MEDi in action in this NBC video:

And read more about MEDi in the original U of T Magazine article or on the Rx Robots website.

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