Enter The New York Times Reading Contest

Since 2010, The New York Times (NYT) has invited teenagers aged 13–19 to participate in their Summer Reading Contest.

Each Friday between June 16–August 25, NYT posts an article like this one, asking two simple questions:

What interested you most in The Times this week? Why?”

Students are then invited to submit a response of about 250–300 words.

Note: You are not limited to articles published that week. Rather, you are free to write about anything NYT published in 2017, whether that be an article, essay, video, photograph or interactive.

The topic? Anything you like. Past winners have written about the world’s disappearing sand, space exploration, napping on campus, and bagels.

Winners are announced each Tuesday and their writing is published on the NYT website.

Participating in this context is not only a good way to keep up with world news, but also practice your writing (Oh, and when you list NYT on your reading list in college applications, you’ll actually be telling the truth.)

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