Students upset about June 2018 SAT, vent on social media

With the release of the June SAT scores, some students have expressed their anger at how the College Board curved the test, resulting in “unfair scores.”

Many claimed the issue was that the math portion of the test was made too easy, which meant that, given the harsher curve, getting even a few questions wrong could result in significantly lower test scores.

Students took to social media, demanding the June 2018 SAT be rescored. On Twitter, the hashtag #rescoreJuneSAT was trending.

On Reddit, one student posted, “How do I explain to my parents that missing the least problems on every section that I ever have before yields a worse score? This is insane.”

The College Board responded to upset students with the following statement:

“We understand your questions about your June SAT scores. We want to assure you that your scores are accurate. While we plan for consistency across administrations, on occasion there are some tests that can be easier or more difficult than usual,” the statement read. “That is why we use a statistical process called ‘equating.’ Equating makes sure that a score for a test taken on one date is equivalent to a score from another date. So, for example, a single incorrect answer on one administration could equal two or three incorrect answers on a more difficult version. The equating process ensures fairness for all students.”

For more on the story, read the latest article on the Inside Higher Ed website here.

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