Thousands sign petition to have the June SAT rescored

As of this morning (July 13), more than 5,200 supporters have signed an online petition to have the June SAT rescored.

The organizer of the petition reiterated some students’ complaints regarding the June 2018 SAT.

“Recently, the June SAT was graded so harshly that most students who did well or improved did much worse compared to previous SATs,” the statement on the petition reads. “This is an obvious attempt by CollegeBoard (sic) to force students to keep paying for tests. We need to fight this injustice and go for fair grading.”

Several signatories also voiced their displeasure in the comment section of the petition.

“I took the June SAT. Even though I got 12 more questions correct, my score only improved by 60 points. I know worse happened to others, but my score should have easily been in the 700s, not a 670,” Nichole S. wrote.

In response to the growing backlash, the College Board released a statement, assuring students that the scores from the recent SAT test are accurate.

Still, pressure on the College Board to rescore the June SAT continued to mount on Twitter and Reddit.

A Reddit user added, “Rally around the flag effect is our only option.”

To read the petition, visit here.

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