Lawsuit against Harvard continues with university filing legal arguments

Harvard University put forth lengthy legal arguments this past Friday in response to a group suing the Ivy League school for alleged discrimination against Asian-American applicants in the college admissions process.

A recent article notes that Harvard’s brief argues the claims made by Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA), the group suing the university, are “misleading” and lack testimonial evidence that Asian-American applicants are being discriminated against.

Part of Harvard’s response disputing the allegations included comments from admissions counselors that were written on applicants’ portfolios, which suggest an Asian background is cited as a “positive factor.”

Edward Blum, SFFA president, responded on the group’s website that, “Harvard’s recent decision to issue a statement complaining that SFFA has taken the evidence ‘out of context’ and then to demand that the evidence be hidden from the public is disreputable, but typical.”

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