‘Ethics of AI in Context’ Lecture Series: AI in Medicine

Presenter Sunlit Dias, a neurosurgeon, is both wary and hopeful about the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine.

He is hopeful of AI’s role in designing treatment plans, medication management, and improving access to clinical expertise; he is wary of the potential implications of AI’s involvement in healthcare, such as in the mining medical records.

What Dias is not is indifferent. The potential of AI “does not allow us to consider it as morally neutral,” he states.

Medical professionals, including neurosurgeons, make mistakes, Dias states towards the end of his lecture. Carrying the burden of blame is part of the job. But what happens when that mistake is made by a non-human agent?

“Machines will make mistakes,” Dias states. That much is inevitable. The question becomes, where will the blame lie when they do?

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