10 college majors that lead to best career prospects: job search website

Accounting, Chemistry, and Computer Science are three of 10 undergraduate college majors with the best career prospects, according to a job search website.

In a news release Thursday, Aug. 23,  CareerCast also listed Nursing,  Business Management, Finance, Information Systems, Marketing, Mathematics, and Mechanical Engineering as majors with the most promising futures.

“More prospective employees with greater educational training are competing for fewer jobs and the cost of college is rising, sparking debate over the value of postsecondary education,” stated Kyle Kensing, CareerCast Online Content Editor.

To determine the top majors, CareerCast evaluated statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, trends from the Georgetown University Center of Education and the Workforce, and the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

To read the full report, visit here

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