Newest College Board controversy sparks #RefundAugustSAT

Less than two months after the College Board’s June SAT controversy, another issue has left students and parents venting their frustrations on social media.

This time, students are demanding that the College Board #RefundAugustSAT.

As reported on the Inside Higher Ed. website, the latest SAT test was allegedly leaked internationally.

Images on social media seem to indicate that questions used on the Aug. 25 SAT were available earlier in Asia.

While the questions that were circulating on social media were administered in the United States and not in Asia, students who had found the questions may have had an unfair advantage on the Aug. 25 SAT.

Despite the outrage from test-takers, the College Board asserted on Twitter that the Aug. 25 SAT scores will be released on Sept. 7 as planned.

The College Board further responded in a statement that “as part of our comprehensive approach to test security, after every test administration, we take additional quality control steps before scores are released, including conducting a comprehensive statistical analysis of certain test scores.

“If we determine students have gained an unfair advantage, we will take appropriate actions, including cancelling test scores and, in some cases, prohibiting them from taking another College Board assessment.”

An online petition is up to invalidate the August 2018 SAT in North America, alleging the College Board used the same exam material as the Oct. 2017 SAT in Asia.

The petition reads, the “August 2018 SAT score must be cancelled to ensure fairness in applying processes to US universities and to guarantee the right of all students taking SAT ACT and applying to college for Using the Same Text as October 2017 SAT in Asia.”

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