Waterloo, Western consider this “secret list” in their admissions process

The University of Waterloo recently acknowledged a “secret list” that helps admissions officers identify which high schools may have a “grade inflation problem.”  

As Global News reports, the list, obtained under access-to-information laws, ranks Ontario high schools based on the discrepancy between the grades incoming students were admitted with and the grades they received in their first year at these universities.

The existence of this list wasn’t necessarily a secret, but its contents were unknown until this year.

The University of Waterloo has been keeping track of this discrepancy and ranking schools based on their “adjustment factor,” which is the severity of grade inflation at each high school.

Grade inflation is a disservice to students who get admitted to university, but aren’t prepared for the challenge, says Greg Moran, a former Western administrator interviewed for the Global News report.

The University of Western Ontario (Western) uses a similar ranking system. Western had sent their data to high schools hoping that doing so would spark change within Ontario high schools. But the university didn’t receive as much feedback as it expected.

For more information on this story, read the original Global News article.

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