Some international students to retake the ACT

As you may already know, the ACT has moved its international tests to a computer-based format. American students who take the ACT at a state or district level also use the computerized version.

However, students taking the computer-based exam in some locations outside of the U.S. reported technical problems that prevented them from completing their tests.

On September 14th, the ACT announced that students affected by these problems would not be charged and that they could retake the test on September 29th.

It’s worth elaborating on what these announcements do and do not say.

In the initial statement in response to students having trouble taking the test, the ACT cites “technical and administration issues” at test centers. The ACT’s phrasing gives the impression that the problems were not inherent to the computerized test itself, but rather to the circumstances under which specific centers administered it.

The ACT’s announcement also doesn’t address concerns from some students on Reddit that a glitch affected the scoring of the test. So far, the organization has not indicated that students who completed the test and received scores will be allowed to retake it.

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