Graduates from these colleges earn the most (only two Ivy League schools in top 10)

Most highest-paid bachelor degree graduates attended small colleges with strong engineering programs, according to a salary comparison website.

Payscale recently released a report, ranking U.S. colleges by highest-paid grads based on the median salaries of alumni.

Topping the list is Harvey Mudd College, a small liberal arts college in Claremont, California that focuses on engineering and science.

The early career pay, which is the median salary for alumni from zero to five years of experience, starts at $85,600.

Rounding out the top three is Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2) and the United States Naval Academy (3), with early career pay at $83,600 and $78,600, respectively. Both are strong engineering schools.

Of the top 10, only two are Ivy League schools – Harvard University (6) and Princeton University (9).

For the full list and analysis of the report, visit the Payscale website here.

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