Less expensive to attend college with rise in grants: report

According to recent data released from an annual College Board report, going to college is not as expensive as it was in previous years.

The real cost of education for both public and private colleges is flattening and even declining in some cases, reports a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article.

The decrease in cost is attributed partly to fewer students applying for college and to colleges handing out more grants.

Even with the actual cost of higher education increasing slightly, the rise in grants means fewer students pay for the full cost to attend college.

The WSJ article also reports that the number of graduating high school students is expected to diminish as U.S. fertility rates continue to fall.

Declining enrollment is expected to impact small, private universities that largely depend on tuition to operate.

For the full WSJ article, click here, or to read the College Board report highlights, visit here. 

Please note that the WSJ article is behind a pay wall.

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