New revision of Ivy Global SAT Guide on its way

We’re revising our SAT Guide!

We’re planning on making some important updates to the cover and title of the guide to keep it current and make it a little more exciting. We also look forward to correcting a few minor errors, though we’re happy to report that we’ve only got a short list of problems in the current edition.

We also know that some of our clients conduct classes or structured tutoring programs using our materials, and new editions can cause some anxiety.

We’ve created an FAQ to address those concerns, and you can read more below. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

You can call our office at 1-888-588-7955, and we’ll try to promptly connect you to a member of the publishing team, or you can reach publishing by email at

Q. What’s changing with the new edition?

A. There are three main changes planned:

  1. The standard cover design will change, and we will drop the word “New” from the book’s title. If you use custom covers, we will need to update the edition number on your covers. Any other changes to your custom cover, including dropping the word “new,” will be your choice.
  2. We will correct known issues with the books. The book has been very thoroughly proofed, and there are very few basic errors left to fix. However, we’ve received feedback about some more subtle flaws in our practice problems. We plan to address those flaws.
  3. We’re going to simplify some of the language. We organize our content very clearly. However, we often write in complex sentences that can confuse some students. We’re going to simplify our language in some places to make the instructional content easier to understand.
  4. We’re revising some advice in the Essay section. Tutors who use our books have reported that we may be aiming a little too high in our current essay section. We’re providing some writing tips that go beyond what many students can expect to achieve in the limited time available to them on the SAT, so we’re going to tone it down a bit and try to focus on some more practical advice for writing a solid essay within the time limit.

Q. Will I have to change my curriculum to use the new edition?

A. Generally, no. The overall organization of the content will not change. We will strive to ensure that chapters and sections start on the same pages they start on now so that you don’t have to revise your class syllabi. Individual sentences or example problems might move around slightly, however, so if you indicate the locations of specific examples in your syllabi you may need to update some of those page numbers.

Your tutors should review the revisions to the essay section, but most of the instructors we have spoken to have indicated that they don’t currently incorporate the elements we plan to revise in their classroom instruction, so most curricula should not need to be revised in response to those changes.

Q. Is the current edition going to be too out-of-date to use in my classes?

A. No. There haven’t been any significant changes to the test, and there are no major problems with the current edition of the book. You can still use stored copies of the current edition. You should ensure that everyone in class has the same edition, however. Because some practice problems will be revised, individual students may see different versions of the same problem if they have different editions.

Q. Can I continue to order the current edition?

A. Yes, if you use a custom cover or while supplies last. If you use custom covers and would prefer not to update to the new edition, we can continue to print new copies of the current edition with your custom cover. If you order the standard cover version, you may continue to order the current edition of the update as long as supplies last. However, we do not plan to print new copies of that version following the update, so supplies will be limited.

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