How to avoid “Senioritis” after submitting your college apps

So you submitted all your college apps and finished your classes for the semester. Now what? Time to get lazy? Time to travel the world?

Not quite yet.

After 12th grade students submit their college apps, they are susceptible to catching a disease called Senioritis. Senioritis is when you feel a decrease in motivation as the year ends.

It makes sense if you had it.

You just turned in what is supposed to be your ticket to freedom and higher education. You stayed up all night cranking sweeping essays about your life. You filled out countless forms of what extracurriculars you did. You made several visits to your teachers to make sure they turned in your letters of recommendation.

However, stopping now, could lead to serious consequences.

First of all, your overall GPA will drop. Second, your teachers would be disappointed. Third, your college acceptances could get RESCINDED.

What does “rescinded” mean? It means that even though a college gives you an acceptance offer, it can take it back.

Although getting rescinded is rare, due to the fact that most high-achieving students ensure that their grades don’t fall below their standard, it’s completely a possibility.

Letting Senioritis get to you ultimately hurts you in the end because you’re not properly preparing yourself for the intensity that comes with college-level coursework.

So here are some tips to fend off Senioritis.

Study for AP exams and remember that second semester grades count too.

And if your classes are really easy this year, then keep yourself busy with new hobbies and create academic goals, such as increasing your Spanish grade by two percent or taking an online class.

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