December to bring more SAT and ACT cancellations

Hundreds of SAT testing centers are operating at reduced capacity or are closed completely for the December 5th test date, including 181 centers in California, 94 in New York, 53 in Pennsylvania, 62 in Texas, and 51 in Massachusetts. In Canada, closures are widespread as well, including 13 in Ontario, 10 in Alberta, and 14 in British Columbia.

The December 5th SAT is one of the most popular SAT dates and the last date for most students to submit their results to colleges before the January 1st application deadline.

The ACT is facing similar closures for their December 12th date.

Read more at Inside Higher Ed.

Find out if your SAT testing center is closed on the College Board website.

See the list of rescheduled ACT testing centers on the ACT website.

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