What to do in the 24 hours before your SAT

It’s the day before your SAT. What can you do to make sure you are prepared and ready to perform at your best?

  1. Don’t cram.
    You may have the urge to cram as much as possible before the test, but any studying done within 24 hours of your test will have little effect on the final scores. You can review some of your favorite tips, tricks, and strategies instead of trying to learn new material.

  2. Rest.
    Your mind needs time to rest so it is fresh tomorrow morning. The night before the test is not the time to furiously study, but it’s also not the time to party! Take some time for yourself, then get a good night’s sleep. A poor night of sleep can result in forgetfulness, a bad mood, and more mistakes. Limit screen time and focus on restful activities like reading.

  3. Eat a healthy dinner and breakfast.
    For dinner, avoid anything that might leave you with bloating and indigestion. For breakfast, don’t feel pressured to eat a big plate of bacon and eggs if that’s not what you’re used to. If you’re used to a bowl of cereal for breakfast, then eat that! The goal is to be nourished and comfortable.

  4. Pack your bag the night before.
    Pack the night before so you don’t have to worry in the morning. Make sure to include the following:
    – Photo ID
    – Pencils and erasers
    – Calculator
    – Watch
    – Water
    – Snack

  5. Arrive early.
    Get to the testing center early so you’re not in a rush. This will help with the anxiety on test day.

Don’t forget that you’ve worked hard for this! You’re ready to take on the SAT. No matter what happens, you will be fine.

Good luck!

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