Why You Should Write the SAT Optional Essay

The December SAT is one of the most popular dates to write the test and in many cases, the last time students can write their SAT in time for the college application deadline. While the essay is optional, we recommend that all of our students write it.

Even if you haven’t signed up for the essay, you can add it later.

  1. The essay is required or recommended.
    Unless you’re 100% sure none of the colleges you’ve chosen require (or recommend) the essay, then you should write it. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you need to sit the SAT again just for the essay score!

  2. To demonstrate your analytical writing skills.
    You will only have a few opportunities within the college application to demonstrate your writing skills. The personal statement is a great place to show your personality and creative writing skills, but the SAT essay might be your only opportunity to show your analytical writing skills. Students applying to programs with an analytical writing component (such as history, political science, or philosophy) may want to take this opportunity to show the admissions officers this relevant skill.

  3. Boost your application.
    No matter what program you’re applying to, the SAT essay can offer a more complete picture of you as an applicant. Many other students will decide not to write the essay portion, so you will have an automatic boost by writing it. It’s only a hour and it’s great practice since you’ll be writing many essays like this on the final exams of your courses in college!

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