10 Colleges with the Highest SAT Scores

Which colleges have the highest average SAT scores? Probably Harvard, right? Wrong! While we tend to assume Ivy League schools will have the highest scores, the actual data looks quite different.

This could be a result of holistic admissions, which is a strategy designed to take all parts of the application into consideration and reduce reliance on standardized testing. This process can help students who were not able to attend high-ranking high schools or didn’t have the opportunity to receive SAT or ACT help.  Top colleges know that test scores can’t give us a full picture of each student.

This past year also saw hundreds of colleges go test-optional, which not only helped keep students safe during the pandemic, but levelled the playing field for many students who don’t test well. Read more about applying without an SAT or ACT score here.

Let’s see those results! These schools reported the highest combined average SAT reading and math scores in Fall 2019. Read more at US News.

#1 University of Chicago
Average SAT Score: 1535
Chicago, Illinois
Undergraduate Enrollment: 6,734
Fall 2019 Acceptance Rate: 6%
Tuition and Fees: $59,298

#2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Average SAT Score: 1532
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Undergraduate Enrollment: 4,530
Fall 2019 Acceptance Rate: 7%
Tuition and Fees: $53,818

#3 Harvey Mudd College
Average SAT Score: 1520
Claremont, California
Undergraduate Enrollment: 895
Fall 2019 Acceptance Rate: 14%
Tuition and Fees: $58,660

#4 Harvard University
Average SAT Score: 1510
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Undergraduate Enrollment: 6,755
Fall 2019 Acceptance Rate: 5%
Tuition and Fees: $54,002

#5 Washington University in St. Louis
Average SAT Score: 1509
St. Louis, Missouri
Undergraduate Enrollment: 7,822
Fall 2019 Acceptance Rate: 14%
Tuition and Fees: $57,386

#6 Yale University
Average SAT Score: 1502
New Haven, Connecticut
Undergraduate Enrollment: 6,092
Fall 2019 Acceptance Rate: 6%
Tuition and Fees: $57,700

#7 Princeton University
Average SAT Score: 1501
Princeton, New Jersey
Undergraduate Enrollment: 5,422
Fall 2019 Acceptance Rate: 6%
Tuition and Fees: $53,890

#8 University of Pennsylvania
Average SAT Score: 1494
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Undergraduate Enrollment: 10,019
Fall 2019 Acceptance Rate: 8%
Tuition and Fees: $60,042

#9 Carnegie Mellon University
Average SAT Score: 1491
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Undergraduate Enrollment: 7,022
Fall 2019 Acceptance Rate: 15%
Tuition and Fees: $58,924

#10 Stanford University
Average SAT Score: 1488
Stanford, California
Undergraduate Enrollment: 6,996
Fall 2019 Acceptance Rate: 4%
Tuition and Fees: $56,169

Data sourced from US News.

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