SAT Prep Scams on the Rise

With the move to online school and primarily online test prep, SAT prep scams are on the rise, targeting parents and students.

Scammers are reportedly claiming to be affiliated with the College Board and that their students requested preparation materials through their school.

Many of these scams revolve around the promise of SAT prep materials and request a deposit to be refunded later. Parents and students should note that neither the College Board nor any other reputable test prep organization will require a deposit for materials.

How to spot a scammer:

1. Beware of unsolicited calls. Your test prep provider should not be calling you out of the blue. When a real test prep company calls in response to an inquiry or class registration, they will already know your student’s name and other identifying information you have submitted, as well as access to any email history. Be sure to ask for more information!

2. The College Board will never ask for your bank information over the phone. Official College Board materials are all available through their website, where payment can be made securely. They also don’t provide classes or tutoring directly through the College Board, so be wary of any caller who claims that they do.

3. If the caller claims to be from a well-known test prep organization, feel free to hang up and call their official number. You can also request that the caller reach out via email.

4. Be wary of any caller that requests payment via CashApp, Venmo, or wire transfer. Most credit card companies will refund fraudulent payments, so use your credit card for online payments as much as possible.

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