You’ve Been Waitlisted… Now What?

With the double-digit increase in applicants to top college this past year and the record-low rate of admissions, hundreds of students have been waitlisted by their preferred colleges.

We’re here to help!

The one thing you must do is make sure the admissions office knows that you are still interested in attending their school. You can do this by sending in a Letter of Continued Interest.

The Letter of Continued Interest should focus on addressing the following two questions:

Are you still interested?

Colleges want to know that if they offer you a spot, you’ll take it.

In your letter, you should include phrases such as, ” [College] is still my first choice,” if the college is indeed your top pick, or “My interest in [College] has never wavered,” if the college is not your #1 choice, but is still important to you.

If you are writing this letter to your dream school, use the magic phrase: “If admitted, I will attend.” Do not make this assertion unless you plan to follow through on it.

To get an offer from a school, try to communicate both gratitude and enthusiasm in your letter.

Are you still interesting?

Now for the bulk of your letter.

Remember that you have been placed on the waiting list because you are a strong candidate. You met the academic requirements of the college and impressed them with your application.

Do not repeat anything already stated on your original application.

Instead, share any new developments. Have you picked up a new hobby or strengthened your skills in an existing one? Did you attend an academic conference that was particularly engaging? Did you read a fantastic novel? Did you start volunteering?

The Letter of Continued Interest may also be a good space to discuss your summer plans. Do you have an internship lined up? Will you be travelling?

Good luck!

For more information on admissions strategy, or if you just have more questions, book a free initial consultation to speak with an experienced college consultant.

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