Admission Rates Drop Sharply with Switch to Test-Optional Applications

You’ve likely heard that the number of applicants to top colleges skyrocketed this year. It won’t come as a surprise that top colleges are now reporting record-low admission rates.

SchoolAdmission rate 2021Admission rate 2020
Dartmouth College 6.2% 8.8%
University of Pennsylvania 5.7% 8.1%
Brown University5.4%6.9%
Yale University 4.6% 6.5%
Princeton University 4.0% 5.6%
Columbia University 3.7% 6.1%
Harvard University3.4% 4.9%


Many students have been waitlisted because these colleges don’t know how many accepted students will actually enroll. This means that additional offers may be on their way, but for now the data is quite shocking to many students. If you’ve been waitlisted, read our last post, You’ve Been Waitlisted… Now What?

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